About Us

We use python and django to build great software.

Litiks is a small web application development team based out of Hanover Ontario, Canada. We're passionate about creating software that makes people's lives easier, and helps their businesses become more successful.

We're not interested in becomming a large software company. Instead, we're interested in creating meaningful, long-lasting relationships with people that share our passion for creativity, ingenuity, and effectiveness.

We think that a successful project is achieved not only by writing great code, but through effective communication and transparency. In fact, we center our entire development process around flexibility, and communication.

We'd love to know more about you and your company's needs. Please contact us to get to know us better!

Meet our Team

Aaron Mader

Owner & Lead Developer

Emily Mader

Creative Director

Ian Edington

Business Development Coder & BizDev

Our Services

Planning and Consulting

Let's talk vision.

We'll help to translate your plans into clear, codable instructions. Our planning services will lay out a road map to making your project a reality (and help to prevent any unwanted surprises along the way). Learn more »

Software Development

We'll make it happen.

We'll make your project a reality, and you'll be involved at every step. Get up to the minute updates and be part of the conversation as your vision takes shape. Learn more »

Ongoing Improvement

Better every day.

When your project is finished, it's just the beginning! We'll help tune your application to perform at its full potential. We offer hosting, maintenance, A/B testing, in-depth usage analysis, and continuous improvement solutions. Learn more »