A better phone system for freelancers

Mon, 20 Jan.

There are a number of tools available to me that make it incredibly easy to create custom phone solutions. I’ve been thinking about how my own business might benefit from some of the possibilities available, and it’s got me wondering.. maybe other micro-businesses could benefit from the same features?

So here’s what I’m thinking: if I can find 20 interested businesses, I’d like to develop an on-line tool that would let you register/port a phone number and gain access to some really simple, and incredibly helpful phone features.

Features like:
  • automatically record every call
  • use any device
    • forward incoming calls to multiple phones at once
    • send and receive calls with your web browser
    • integrate a sip phone client (use your cell phone’s data, rather than minutes)
  • access to useful call logs and history online
  • custom call trees and queues (‘press 1 for sales’.. etc)
  • create ‘rules’ to customize a caller’s experience
    • "Thank you for being a first-class client. Your call is first in line"
    • If there’s something on the calendar, take callers straight to voice-mail.
    • "Sorry, or office is now closed, Press 5 if this is an urgent call"
  • simple conference call options

From my perspective, these possibilities could have a real ‘sanity’ value for independent contractors, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Beyond that, an online solution like this could also have a substantial cost savings for businesses with 5+ employees.

Since most services available online weigh-in around the $50/month, or $20/user mark. I’d be inclined to offer this service for about $20/month (regardless of the number of users). Higher volume accounts would pay for additional usage, (extra voicemail boxes.. etc). Rates would be very competitive.

Interested? Questions? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Send me an email!
[email protected]

Aaron Mader
Owner / Lead Developer
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