How much does a web application cost?

Mon, 23 Sept.

Imagine for a moment that you have an idea for a book. However, since you’re unable to write, you plan to hire a professional author to craft your novel for you. As you can imagine, there might be some tension between your vision for the book, and the author’s interpretation and professional feedback. The solution to working well together is effective communication, from start to finish.

If you’re looking for the services of a web application developer, there’s a very good chance that you have a project in mind. You have an idea for a unique piece of software that you’d like to make into a reality. But it’s not just your project that’s unique; You’re unique too. You come to the table with more than just feature requirements, you have expectations about how your project will take shape; how you expect to interact with your developer, and your role in the development process. So, it follows that the pricing of the web application developer should take into account both the project, and the expectations of the person requesting it.

At Litiks, we do just that. We provide a custom rate for each client/project, based on both the requirements of the project, and the client. When you tell us about your project, here are the steps we'll take to provide you with a price:

  1. We’re going to get to know your project
    We’ll have a number of questions about your project.
    • What are you setting out to accomplish?
    • What do you want it to do?
    • What are your project goals, and future ambitions?

  2. We’re going to get to know your values.
    More than just your project, we want to know what’s important to you.
    • What are your expectations?
    • How do you communicate best?
    • How much communication will you want?
    • How hands-on (or hands-off) will you want to be?
    • How will you gauge the project's success?
    • What’s your ideal timeline for this project?

  3. We’re going to let you pick the actual rate.
    We’ll consider all of the factors and present you with three rates, each offering a different service-level that we think would work for you and your needs.
    For example, based on your preferences, we may give you a choice between:
    • a daily rate with minimal communication overhead.
    • a weekly rate with a regular scheduled meeting time.
    • a weekly rate offering 8x5 phone availability, and a bi-weekly face-to-face status update.

  4. We’re going to give you an estimate/quote.
    We’ll consider your project's features, services, and components and we will give you an estimate. This will include an outlined timeframe, and a cost. As with our rates, we’ll give you several options here. We’ll usually put together at least three quotes, each based on a slightly different featureset.
    For example, we might give you an estimate for:
    • a simplified version of your requirements
    • an exact version of your outlined requirements
    • an enhanced version with some extra features we think would be beneficial.

    Note** We usually provide estimates, rather than quotes.
    • A quote is a fixed price. We will not charge you more than we quote. So we need to factor in some extra allowance to handle worst-case scenarios.
    • An estimate is a non-fixed price. The actual amount that you’ll pay may be more or less than this amount. We’ll try our best to set a realistic estimate, but in the end, you’ll pay for the work that you receive, no more, no less.

In short, we want your development experience to be a positive one. By customizing our prices based on what's important to you, we're able to deliver both the code, and the communication that you need. If you'd like a more specific idea of what your project might be priced at, send us an email!

Aaron Mader
Owner / Lead Developer
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